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Preamble of Event Planning:

The motto of 4-H is “Making the Best Better” and for that reason we try to allow leaders and members to improve their own experiences by offering guidelines, rather than rules, about how a particular event should be planned. This is a living document. As you discover new ways of hosting an event that offer improvements, our hope is that you will share those ideas and make changes to this document, so that others benefit from your experience. Likewise, when you encounter challenges, we can all learn from those as well by offering supportive and constructive feedback.

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Each link below is a separate event planning guide.

In order to get event dates on the annual 4-H calendar, you may need to make reservations for your events up to a year in advance (calling in November of the year prior.) As soon as you secure a location and date please communicate with the Extension Office. 676-6736

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[BEING A SUCCESSFUL EVENT COORDINATOR http://whatcom4hevents.wikidot.com/coordinator ]

Speak Easy: the public presentation workshop [http://whatcom4hevents.wikidot.com/speak-easy]
Ticket to Leadership: the officer/ leadership workshop [http://whatcom4hevents.wikidot.com/ttyl]
How to Host Public Presentations [http://whatcom4hevents.wikidot.com/public-presentations]
Super Saturday Planning Guide [http://whatcom4hevents.wikidot.com/supersaturday]
How to Host a District Teen Rally [http://whatcom4hevents.wikidot.com/teenrally]
Countywide Picnic [http://whatcom4hevents.wikidot.com/contywide-picnic]
Achievement Night Planning Guide [http://whatcom4hevents.wikidot.com/ach-night]

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