Achievement Night Planning Guide

Achievement Night is really a culmination event, an annual recognition ceremony of the "best and the brightest" of the year. It publicly demonstrates to all of 4-H, and our constituents, accomplishments made by members, leaders and clubs throughout the entire 4-H year.

Planning Achievement Night requires the coordination of many efforts.

2014 Committee:

Committee Chair: vacant preferred contact information
Host Club: Barnyard Adventures, Mary Kalsbeek preferred contact information
Hospitality Club: Paws on the Run, Lynn Hersman preferred contact information
Record Book Coordinator: Brenda Dunford 398-1741
Leadership Awards Coordinator: Michelle Williams preferred contact information
Dairy Awards Coordinator: Joanne and John Odens preferred contact information
Livestock Awards Coordinator: Kristi Harting preferred contact information
Equine Awards Coordinators:
Kym Boetner preferred contact information
Susan DeGollier preferred contact information
Program Editing: Cheryl Kahle 676-6736

Establishing an Achievement Night Committee:

There are many tasks that need to be accomplished throughout the year to have a successful Achievement Night. Few are things that can be left until the day of the event. Quite to the contrary, most preparation for Achievement Night begins as soon as the last Achievement Night ends.
Committee Chair
The Committee Chair is responsible for oversight of the planning process, and helping each Awards Officer or Coordinator make sure they are tracking their tasks in a timely manner.
Record Book Awards Officer
Oversees the judging of record books, trains judges, reports scores and orders ribbons on behalf of 4-H Council. Presents awards. Serves as a liaison to the Extension Office regarding record book procedural changes.
Public Presentation Awards Officer
Oversees collecting of presentation scores, trains judges, orders ribbons and rosettes on behalf of 4-H council. Presents awards. Serves as a liaison to the Extension Office regarding public presentations procedural changes.
"Yearly" Awards Coordinator
The Yearly Awards Coordinator oversees the annual awards such as "Outstanding 4-Her" and "Outstanding 4-H Club." Works closely with 4-H Council and Extension Office, assists in designating application review committees. Maintains year round contact and builds relationships with award sponsors.
Project Awards Coordinators
Currently there are a number of projects that tabulate and make awards specific to their project areas. (Horse, Livestock, Dairy, Photography, Foods.) Awards Coordinators should be identified early in the year. Project Awards usually are at the discretion of the Project Awards Coordinators, and contingent upon applications.
Awards Monitor
The Awards Monitor helps to remind recipients of awards to collect their trophies or awards, to return rotating trophies, to remind award winners to write thank you letters to their sponsors.
PR Officer
The PR officer promotes awards and reports winners to local newspapers, radio, social media, etc. Another task, which can not be understated, is that the PR person is keeping a list of who wins what. With some organizations withholding the information until the event, this information can get lost in all the excitement if it is not intentionally being recorded.
Host Clubs
The host club is responsible for coordinating the physical event of Achievement Night, setting up the space, providing MCs, scheduling presenters, handing out awards, providing refreshments.

After Achievement Night - November/December

Committee gathers to celebrate accomplishments and make suggestions for next year
Contact Extension Office with planned Date and Location of the next year's Achievement Night

First Committee Meeting - February (9-10 months out)

The committee should assemble to identify who will be responsible for each element of the Achievement Night Event
The Awards Monitor should visit 4-H Council and provide an update on previous year's award recipients
Proposed procedural changes, award additions or deletions, should be presented to the 4-H Council for approval
Record Books Awards Officer may want to consider doing a training in RB or RB Judging at Super Saturday or elsewhere early in the year

Second Committee Meeting - April (7-8 months out)

Confirming suggested changes to Achievement Night via Council vote.
Awards Monitor should be tracking and reminding award recipients to contact/present to award sponsors, when necessary help arrange visits between youth and sponsors. (See/Update Achievement Sponsor Contact List)
Projects and Yearly Awards Coordinators should be making contact with sponsors to maintain relationship, this might include inviting sponsor to a project dinner or event. (Fair?)

Committee Preparation Activities - October

Extension Office collects Record books and Award applications
Yearly and Project Award Coordinators distribute necessary materials to sponsors for review with deadlines
PR Officer prepares and sends invitations to all award sponsors, (If a particular award does not have any applicants, writing a letter of invitation to the event anyhow is appropriate.)
Record Book Awards Officer hosts Record Book Judging (helps train new RB judges)
Record Book Awards Officer should check supply of RB ribbons, order more through Council if necessary
Public Presentation Officer should check supply of Rosettes, order more through Council if necessary
Host Club calls to verify location
Awards Monitor communicates with sponsors about who is making the award and how it will arrive on location
Awards Monitor communicates presenters to PR Officer, who is preparing program.
Awards Monitor calls all rotating trophies back, and has them prepared for next recipient. (Project Award Coordinators may be doing this for project specific awards)

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