How to Host Public Presentations

Thank You for being a Host to this very important opportunity for our 4-H Youth!

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Event Date: 2 dates Mid-February, 1 make up date (varies)
Event Duration: 4 - 6 hours
Begin Planning: December
Recommended Committee Size: 7 - 8

Currently there are three days of Public Presentations and no make-ups. A host club is required for each date.

Bellingham: Thursday evening 4-9 PM; currently hosted by Critters and Company, 220-1403 Kristi
*Location: First Christian Church. 495 E. Bakerview Rd., 734-6820 (Tamalyn) (office closes at noon, pick up key in advance)

Lynden: Saturday morning and afternoon; currently hosted by Country Partners, 966-7845 Helen

  • Location: Lynden Senior Center, 401 Grover St. Alice, 354-4501

Laurel: Monday evening 4-9 PM, currently hosted by Barnyard Kids, Joanne 354-1552

  • Location: Laurel Community Church, 162 W. Laurel Rd. Dani or Susan 398-1761

Your Extension Office will help you prepare and organize for the Public Presentation Events. As a host club you will have several responsibilities for preparing and pulling off for the event.

Creating Your Committee

Event Chair: Event Committee Chair to Council, liaison to Extension office
Host Club ** Coordinate with their club leaders and members to host event; pick up and delivery of keys from buildings and PP supplies from Extension Office (see supply list)
Extension Staff** Location reservations, coordinates presentation schedule, prepares supplies for check out, judge training

December (2 + months out)

Extension Staff Confirm locations, host clubs. Mail Registration information to Main Club Leaders by end of December. Add Presentation dates to calendar.

January (one month out)

Extension Staff Prepare schedule for each of the days of the contest. Mail completed schedule to each Main Club Leader and to judges as soon after schedule is completed as possible.
Event Chair Check ribbon supply and order ribbons and rosettes accordingly from Pat’s Blue Ribbons. Bill Whatcom 4-H Council. (order 200 blues and 24 rosettes – reorder rosettes if necessary)Schedule Judges (see past judge list) 2 per room and relief judges. Traditionally, one senior 4-H’er and one adult per judging station.) Keep judges list updated (don't recommend removing anyone unless they specifically request it.) Assign judges to rooms. Avoid having judges judge siblings or other conflicts of interest. Contact Extension staff if it appears that a Judges Training is required. You can also request a list of recently trained Project Leaders from the Extension office since they are encouraged to judge presentations as a part of their orientation experience.

February (one week out)

Extension Staff Prepares master schedule and sign in sheets for each event. Prepares supplies in coordination with Awards Coordinator.
Event Chair Send a reminder email or phone call to all judges stating location and times. Prepare judges packets (see supply list) beforeHost Club picks them up.
Host Club: Pick up and delivery of keys from buildings and PP supplies from Extension Office (see supply list). Delegate roles according to instruction sheet. Consider setting up a hospitality station for judges (coffee, tea, snacks)

Day of Event

Event Chair: Make sure Host Club has gotten in building. If needed, assist in room set up. Following the event, make sure rooms are returned to how they were found at the beginning of the day. Remember that our free use of these buildings is contingent upon treating them respectfully.

Host Club Representatives/ Host Club Arrive one hour early, set up rooms (sometimes this is a rather lengthy process, try to create a presentation area and make seats for judges and a small audience). Set up registration table and put signs up outside. Assign room monitors to keep the schedule on track. Sign in presenters. Keep presenters quiet while they wait. 15 minutes before they are scheduled to be in a room start calling any no-show judges. (cell phone) Check in and situate judges. Collect score sheets from each event (they are done in duplicate) and return then to the Extension office.Coordinate return of keys if necessary.

Following the Event

Event Chair: Contact host clubs and ask for appreciations, recommendations, suggestions for next year. Compile a report of remaining resources, (ribbons) and number of Rosettes requested. This will help serve as Council's order for the following year. (Idea: In the past we have ordered enough ribbons for 2 years at a time. Just don't overlook this responsibility in subsequent years.) Update the WIKI with your good insights.

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