Super Saturday Planning Guide

Thank You for being a a part of the planning team for this very important opportunity for our 4-H Youth!

Super Saturday has been the primary annual fund raising event of Whatcom 4-H for many years. It takes place on a Saturday at a school location. Community partners and 4-H members, leaders and Extension professionals offer workshops in project development, hobbies and sometimes additional training opportunities. Planning Super Saturday is very time-intensive. The result is a day of events that (for many) is the front door to the 4-H Program.

Event Date: Usually the second or third Saturday in March
Event Duration: 8 hours (including set up and breakdown)
Begin Planning: December
Recommended Committee Size: 6 (with service teams for several)

Creating a Committee

Depending on the objectives of the event, the following suggested committee can coordinate teams.

Physical Coordinator: Works with Extension office & Council to secure accessible location, works with Programs Coordinator to assign rooms, sets up and tears down event with team.
Programs Coordinator: recruits and schedules instructors, sends pre-event reminders and thank you letters to instructors, work with Extension office to create participant evaluation. Your target is 12 - 15 workshops per hour.
Registration Coordinator: Manages preregistration and on-site registration, oversees cash flow for event,
requires skill in database management, ideally ACCESS
Hospitality Coordinator: oversees concessions, oversees school gratitude gift, first aid
Promotional Coordinator: manages promotional side of event, media coverage

November/December (3 months from event)

Establish Committee

Physical Coordinator: Confirm location, get maps for making room assignments, secure rental within budget allowance, Extension signs use agreement, Identify a team to help set up day of event. (Usually a team of teens since this involves moving tables, posting signs, assisting people in finding their rooms, etc.)
Programs Coordinator Make any necessary changes to Instructor Application form from previous year. Review last years workshop enrollments to determine which workshops are likely to be the most successful. ( For example, there is no need to offer 4 classes of underwater basket weaving if the previous year did not fill a single session. It also helps to know which workshops fill the fastest so you can try to encourage the instructor to offer multiple sessions.) Begin by contacting previous year's instructors and getting an early confirmations. Recruit new workshop instructors. (Check with Extension) Try to identify a few classes that will accept "overflow" of students that are not placesd in requested (full) workshops. Please give careful consideration to the physical requirements and potential liabilities of workshops.
Registration Coordinator Assist with workshop development, Recruit two teams to manage per-registration table and on-site registration table. (2 at each table) and Cashier. (It is easiest to assign this task to the Council Treasurer or someone with signature authority on the account.)
Hospitality Coordinator: Identify the Concessions Team (this has traditionally been a club that runs a lunch and beverage concessions stand as a fundraising activity)
2012 Concessions: Foothills 4-H Colleen 739-5502
Confirm menu does not violate any health department regulations.
Identify a "Gratitude Team" In the past we have secured a donation of potted flowers to leave each teacher who lets us use a room. The "Gratitude Team:" makes sure each teacher gets a card signed by as many participants as possible) and a flower. The Gratitude Team can start designing a thank you card in December.
Promotional Coordinator
Establish a promotions team to help promote the event. Work with Programs Coordinator as workshops are scheduled, begin layout of program brochure or other method of registration.

January/February (2 months from event)

Programs Coordinator: Finalize workshop list. Work with Physical Coordinator to place workshops in appropriate rooms. Provide final schedule to Promotional Coordinator to be added to registration materials.
Registration Coordinator Complete registration brochures. Begin collecting registrations. Fill classes in the order registrations are received, paying mind to any workshop "maximum number of participants" set by instructors.
Promotional Coordinator If you want the brochure made available on the 4-H webpage, please call Vincent two weeks in advance to set a date. (676-6736 ext 9) Make posters and have team place event notices that inform people that Super Saturday is coming and what they must do to register. Be sure to include a "post mark or closing date" for preregistration that is no later than 2 weeks from the event. Usually this happens right around the same time Public Presentations are happening (mid-February) so the event can be promoted at Public Presentations. Recommend trying to make the event publicly accessible before this to make sure non 4-H families feel encouraged to participate. Invite media.
Hospitality Coordinator: If you chose to do potted pansies (as a thank you for teachers) please contact Smith (Northwest) Gardens to make a request. Smith Gardens contact: John McGee 733-4671 ext 283. Arrange to pick up flowers when they are open, the Friday before the event. Contact Council if they request a donation letter with supporting non-profit number. Send as soon as possible. Find someone certified to provide first aid.

March (1 week to a few days before the event)

Registration Coordinator informs Programs Coordinator if any classes are below minimum enrollment. The Program Coordinator will call the instructor to see if they want to cancel. A reminder call to each instructor is necessary at this time. Also, be sure to get a cell phone number from each instructor and make that list available at the Instructor Check In table. Print up per-registrations and organize for check in tables. Work with Cashier and/or Council Treasurer to make sure there is a petty cash box available for walk in registrations.
Hospitality Coordinator: Pick up potted flowers Thursday or Friday. (Unless you chose some other way of saying "thanks.") Coordinate members of the "Gratitude Team" to teach overflow workshops. (These are simple crafts workshops that we keep supplies handy for, in case walk-ins can't get into the classes they wanted.) You may need to send someone from the Gratuity Team to pick up the craft supplies and consider preparing some "demonstration" crafts and supply packets for classes of 10-15 youth. Find your first aid kit.
Promotional Coordinator Invite, confirm media: plan to meet them

Day of the Event

Teams assemble one and a half hours before registration opens.
Physical Coordinator: Connect with on-call building staff, make sure all doors to required rooms are unlocked. Request a janitorial closet with cleaning supplies also be made available. Get On-Call person's cell number. Have Physical Coordination team set up registration areas for public and for instructors. Have the team post workshop signs on all appropriate classroom doors. After the beginning of the fourth class, the team can begin restoring rooms that are empty back to their original configurations, making sure they are clean, etc. The Physical Coordinator should do a final walk through of each room before turning of the lights and closing the door.
Registration Coordinator Provide detailed lists of workshop enrollments. Have four registration tables: 1 for preregistration, 1 for walk-ins, 1 for the Cashier and 1 for instructors. Usually to help instructors get through the mob and get to their classrooms quickly we place instructor check in table in a separate area. Provide one or two "runners" for each table who can deliver messages (or people) to the necessary rooms. Count and document petty cash with Cashier before check in begins. Count and document cash for deposit with Cashier after event.
Hospitality Coordinator: Make sure the Concessions people have everything they need, which often includes access to cleaning supplies. After the registration dies down, and after lunch, deliver the gratitude gift to classrooms.
Promotional Coordinator: Take photos of events, connect with media representativies

Following the Event

The Committee should meet with the council representative to make recommendations for the following year or changes to the event guide. Any evaluations should be compiled, reviewed and reported to the 4-H Office.

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