How to Host a District Teen Rally

Teen Rallies rotate throughout districts over the course of a number of years. The Teen Rally is an excellent opportunity to develop the County Teen Program because it is up to the Teens to pull of the event!

Teen Rally Planning Guide:

August - 1 Year & 2 Months Out

Establish a committee of teens and teen mentors who will help guide the planning and delivery of the Teen Rally. There is scholarship money available for teens to attend Teen Rally. During the year preceding the year our County hosts Teen Rally, these scholarships are prioritized for the Teen Rally Planning Committee. Contact the county that is currently hosting the Rally and see if you can have your two committees meet during the current Teen Rally. You can learn a lot from the teens that are just finishing what you are just beginning.

Useful Committees:

Planning/Visioning/Promotion Committee (January – June)
Friday Night Events Committee (May-June) welcoming events
Saturday Night Events Committee (May-June) dance, movies, additional events
Workshop Committee (January – October)
Host/Registration Committee (August – Oct) registration, check in desk, physical walk through, room coordination

Even if some members or clubs aren't stepping in until later, all participating clubs should participate in the initial planning so they can get a look at the site and know what they are accountable for. More buy in at the beginning is essential to ensure continued engagement.

4-H Ambassador elections take place at Teen Rally so this is an excellent way for teens interested in serving as State Ambassadors to make themselves visible .

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